Przedsiębiorstwo Wytwórcze ROLMARK

ul. Fabryczna 3a
62-200 Gniezno
NIP: 784-106-29-31
About the company

Przedsiębiorstwo Wytwórcze (Production Company) "Rolmark" has been established in 1984. In the years 1984 -1993, the whole family of machines for production of noodles with the capacity from 30 to 160 kg/hour has been prepared and implemented to production, and then complete technological lines for pressed noodles with the capacity of 4000 kg/h and rolled noodles with the capacity of 500 kg/h have been developed. In the further stage, we launched the production of complete technological lines for extruded goods, such as pellets (snacks), instant pasta, instant porridge, breading, topping etc. Complete production lines for extruded goods based on single-screw extruders include the entire range of devices with the capacity from 60 kg/h to 600 kg/h. We also manufacture many non-standard machines and devices for food and pharmaceutical industry such as fermenters, mixers working in atmospheric air, vacuum or in the atmosphere of protective gases etc.

A particularly large development of the company took place after 2013, when we developed and implemented two production lines - one for the production of very high quality corn pasta (the only raw materials are non-extruded corn flour and water), and the other one for the production of probiotic bacteria by semi-dry fermentation in a protective atmosphere where we have the world’s largest amounts of bacterial colonies per gram of the media, and the final product is in the form of dry granules of long shelf life. Thanks to the obtained results our company belongs now to the most technologically advanced companies in these industries in the world.

We have a rich machinery back-up in the scope of machining and thermal-chemical treatment, and we especially recommend services in a highly-specialized tempering plant.

You are welcome to cooperate with us.