Thermal and chemical metal treatment services
In the tempering plant by ROLMARK it is possible to perform the following technological processes:
1. In furnaces with protective atmosphere generated from nitrogen:
o Gas carburization in temperatures from 850-950°C - in the carburization atmosphere, with tempering in the furnace tub.
o Gas nitrogen carburization in temperatures from 780-900°C - in the atmosphere obtained from partially dissociated ammonia and from liquid organic compounds along with tempering in the furnace tub.
o Heating for tempering in temperatures from 780-950°C.
o Annealing, standardization in temperatures from 650-850°C.
The maximum dimensions of the charge for the furnace with the atmosphere are: width - 600mm, height - 400mm, length - 900mm.
As a cooling agent, we use tempering oil.
2. Tempering under hydraulic press in oil.
3. Tempering outside the furnace in a tub with water.
4. Low-, medium- and high-temperature tempering.
5. Spray washing in a chamber washer.
6. Straightening long details exposed to deformation in the heat treatment process.
An advantage of conducting heat treatment process in our system is obtaining even hardness of details with their minimum deformation and the lack of scale on details, which substantially facilitates their further processing.
Metal machining services
We have free production capacities in the scope of chiselling, rolling and milling.
You are welcome to cooperate with us.